The best Airbnbs in Belitung for expats


There are plenty of choices when finding the perfect accommodation in Belitung. There are Lengkuas Island lighthouse, Eco Beach Tent by Billiton, Green Tropical Village Hotel & Resort and Sheraton Belitung Resort.

Lengkuas Island lighthouse

A short boat ride from Belitung’s Tanjung Kelayang dock takes you to Lengkuas Island. It is home to warm sand as well as transparent turquoise waters. It can be explored by diving or snorkeling in the sea below. This is a free excursion and will take about 30 minutes.

The island is covered by tranquil waters, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling. If you are bringing equipment or lease some, you’ll enjoy fun enjoying the waters. The water is clear and blue, which makes it a relaxing experience and enjoyable. It is just a 1 hectare. This makes it possible to wrap yourself in the scenery in about 20 minutes.

Eco Beach Tents located in Billiton

Eco Beach Tent by Billiton is a fantastic choice for anyone traveling. It provides top-quality facilities as well as excellent customer service. The hotel is a boutique and offers number of facilities such as free parking or the rental of a car. Also, there is a concierge services and the storage space to store your bags.

It is a popular choice for tourists due to the green design. The building materials and designs come from local sources. Eco-friendly strives to minimize your carbon footprint , while protecting our environment.

Green Tropical Village Hotel & Resort

Green Tropical Village Hotel & Ressort is situated on Tanjung Pandan (Belitung). It offers guests an independent type of lodging. The hotel is located in lush tropical woodlands and features a private swimming pool. The restaurant offers Western, Chinese and Indonesian dishes. You can even participate in singing karaoke.

Belitung Island’s 3-star hotel is the Green Tropical Village Hotel & Ressort. It is located near the most popular tourist attractions as well as interesting restaurants. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk as well as WiFi all over. The hotel takes cash and credit cards. Customers can request special services however, special requests could result in additional costs.

Sheraton Belitung Resort

The Sheraton Belitung Resort is a all-new Marriott property in Indonesia. It is surrounded by over 100 tiny islands, the resort is surrounded by stunning views. Over 1,000 species of flora and fauna are found in the region around. The area is also home to an endangered species of monkey called the Tarsius monkey. The resort is a great place for expats to enjoy the luxury of five-star hotels and dining on the waterfront. It is ideal for romantic weddings or honeymoons.

Spa at the hotel is based on local knowledge and utilizes local ingredients , such as Calamansi fruits. The water is made of citrus, and calms. The Belitung Spa features six treatments rooms.

Royal Nick Hotel

The Royal Nick Hotel, located in Accra’s Sakumono district, is a fantastic choice for tourists. The hotel is close to many attractions, restaurants with interesting menus and also it is also close to the Kotoka International Airport. The Royal Nick Hotel features a four-star hotel with a wide range of facilities such as a hot tub and massage services. It also offers the Hotel’s complimentary internet connection and complimentary shuttle service.

They are spacious and include modern conveniences. The bathrooms are equipped with marble sinks as well as glass walls. A spa, salon and steam room are all available. There is also a fitness center accessible at the Royal Nick Hotel. Rooms also have an LCD TV as well as a desk and writing table.



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