The best Hollywood movies to watch on a Fiji Airways flight


Fiji Airways offers flights to Los Angeles, the ‘City of Angels.’ This US city is the most popular in the state of California and is home to Hollywood. It is surrounded by mountains and it is situated on the Pacific Ocean and was founded in 1781. The city’s most famous attractions include the Grauman’s Beijing Theater, with its pago-shaped roof as well as the red carpet.

Economy Class

Fiji Airways offers flights to Los Angeles, known as”the City of Angels’. It is a US city is the biggest and well-known in California and also home to Hollywood. The city was established in 1781. It is located in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, mountains and various other natural elements. It’s home to Grauman’s Chinese Theater. This auditorium has a roof designed in the form of the pago, and has a red carpet.

Additionally, it offers its passengers a loyalty program that allows customers to accrue extra baggage allowances as well as receive additional benefits. American Airlines, Alaskan Airlines as well as Qantas all accept frequent airliner points. There are three to four flights a day to Los Angeles.

Free in-flight entertainment

The Fiji Airways inflight entertainment system does not come without flaws. It has a limited selection of films, and the quality can be a bit shaky. The company is often criticized for poor content selection and the pay-to-view policy. Fiji Airways’ entertainment system includes touchscreens for economy and business economy class passengers as well as more than 71,000 world-class newspapers.

Fiji Airways’ IFE system has a similar innovation to Air New Zealand. It is possible to order pizza at any time onboard making use of the IFE system. The catch? You will have to call the crew on board to get your pizza to your seat. This is a frequent mistake made by the flight crew when they try it for the first time. The other options for entertainment in the flight include games, CDs, and films.

Large overhead luggage bins

Fiji Airways has plenty of overhead luggage storage. However you’ll need to be sure to look over the ammunition or firearms you’re planning to carry. If you plan to bring the items with you, you’ll have to declare the items prior to departure. This approval can be obtained within seven days of your flight.

Like most airlines Fiji Airways has the highest ceilings in the business and the largest overhead luggage bins in the market. In addition, Fiji Airways’ aircrafts feature a state-of-the-art filtration system to help keep the cabin air clean and fresh. Additionally, they are equipped with specially trained Customer Wellness Champions, who are in charge of their health and well-being of their customers.

New flights connecting Los Angeles and Nadi

Fiji Airways has recently launched an all-new flight that connects Los Angeles and Nadi. The flight is not just facilitates the travel between these two cities but also provides peace of mind and comfort. The cost of this trip is roughly $780 per round trip.

The flight should last about 10 hours, and it is also direct. It’s about 5,522 miles.

Fiji Airways and Alaska Airlines have a codeshare deal

Fiji Airways customers now have the option to fly to Hollywood because of codesharmony agreements signed between Fiji Airways, Alaska Airlines and Fiji Airways. Two airlines will run flights that connect San Francisco and Fiji, and flights will be interconnected via San Francisco. Fiji Airways customers will be capable of connecting to these new flights from San Francisco and Fiji. They already have codeshare agreements with one other, so this new service could be of greater value to passengers.

Both airlines have been rivals. Originally known as Air Pacific, the airline was the first to offer direct flights to Los Angeles from Fiji. Fiji Airways was renamed Fiji Airways in June 2013 , and it joined Alaska Airlines as a codeshare partner.



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