The construction chaos at IAH is causing travelers to reroute their plans to Hobby Airport.


Hobby Airport, Inc. (HAI) declared that on October 16, 2018 the decision to discontinue making use of IAH as their main airport. Costs for maintaining and growing IAH is the cause behind this change. It has been difficult for Hobby Airport to keep up with ever-growing demand for travel. They have also struggled to manage the necessary equipment and renovations. Hobby Airport regrets making this decision. They will continue to look for alternative websites.

Hobby Airport Rethinks IAH the possibility of closing

Hobby Airport has plans to shut down for construction of an soccer stadium. However, this has caused an uproar as many think that the airport will be perfectly able to hold massive events, without having to shut down. There have been numerous protests online and petitions against the closing of the airport. Many are insisting on fighting until they see a change in plans.There are several reasons why Hobby Airport could reconsider their plans to close. Hobby Airport could reconsider its plans to close:1) This airport is great condition that it could be easily improved) The city of Houston has plans to build a soccer stadium that will be built on site, which means that the airport wouldn’t be a factor in the construction;3) There are many other airports in Texas which could handle large events, without shutting down, such as George Bush Intercontinental Airport or Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

How to Get started in your Hobby Airport.

The Hobby Airport is a great place to start your journey in aviation. With a vast collection of aircraft and accessories, the airport has everything you need to start your pursuit of flying. Even though there aren’t many night accommodations or employment opportunities available at the airport, there is a wealth of information available to help you succeed on your journey to aviation success.

Hobby Airport Resources

The Hobby Airport provides a large variety of sources that could help to a beginning in flying. The website provides information about aircraft and accessories, as well as rules and regulations of the airlines as well as ticket prices on flights that fly in or out of the Airport. A number of events and training sessions are provided by the airport to students and beginner pilots. They also provide the latest information and advice from highly skilled pilots.

Find a job at Hobby Airport

If you’re thinking of working at the Hobby Airport, there are numerous options you can choose from. You can look into an opening at one of the many local businesses that offer services related to aviation, like air cargo transport or ground services. These businesses typically have staff members who assist in Aviation-related activities for example, refuelling planes and creating hangar space. There is also the option of applying for work with one of our regional airlines. They are likely to have open positions for their cockpit or tower department. These jobs could require previous experience in flying, or using the latest technology.

Tips to succeed at your journey to Hobby Airport.

If you’re looking for jobs in the Hobby Airport, there are many opportunities. You can search the Job Boards and browse through advertisements for the perfect job that will suit your desires and skills. It is also possible to look into freelancing or contracting opportunities.

Get started on your Hobby Airfare journey

Get started at the airport’s Hobby Section. The hobby section is home to a wide variety of opportunities and resources to explore, so begin your hunt there and you’ll be well on the right track to success. The first step is to read our useful beginner’s guide Before you start looking around!


Though Hobby Airport announced that it was cancelling plans to close IAH’s doors, the future is not yet clear. Make sure you regularly check for updates on the situation, in case there are changes that are yet to come. If you’re interested in a job for Hobby Airport, Hobby Airport, use the tools available to help you start your journey. Get a job while wait and have a great experience at IAH.



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