The impact of quality comics on the entertainment industry


Archie Comics is the leading popular comic book retailer worldwide and is the publisher of a variety of characters that are popular across a range of genres. These include Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica, Reggie, Kevin Keller, Josie and the Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Afterlife With Archie and the Dark Circle. Archie Comics is a veteran of publishing high-quality comics that have a fun and informative view of contemporary trends and concerns that make them a classic standard in the field of graphic novels.

Archie Comics is a company which creates and sells comics around the world. Comic book characters such as The Black Hood, The Fox The Shield, and The Shield among others were featured in animation, television, filmand even music throughout the span of more than a decade. For a discussion of Archie Comics’ impact on entertainment, I had the privilege of meeting Mike Pellerito (Editor in Chief) as well as Jamie L. Rotante (Senior Director of Editorial at Archie Comics).

Goldie Chan: For how many years have Archie Comics existed? What was the first source of inspiration behind the company? Jamie L. Rotante: Archie Comics has been around for over years (we actually just celebrated Archie’s iconic year in the year 2000 with a number of retrospective collections that were loved by fans, particularly Years, Stories and Archie the Years of Christmas.However publishing is a part of the business dates back longer. The magazine was founded within MLJ Magazines. The company is primarily focused on comics featuring superheroes. The first appearance of Archie appeared in Pep Comics # in .

The Andy Hardy films in the era made it popular for younger, real-life heroes to take center on the screen. Archie was so popular that he was able to go from featured in a movie to owning his own brand name later that year. Archie’s popularity increased until Archie Comic Publications, Inc. was named after him. Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

The firm has a lengthy story that goes all the way back to pulp novels. They were inexpensive, and often exciting stories, that dealt with different genres, including Westerns, crime, romance and sci-fi. The stories featured a variety of great authors who went on to be well-known, and the covers were very captivating. Maurice Coyne, Louis Silberkleit as well as John L Goldwater then formed MLJ Comics (MLJ was derived from the first initials of their first names). In several ways, the initial MLJ comics were extremely like pulps. They contained genres like crime, Western, adventure and then eventually superhero material.

Perhaps you’re not aware, but that’s where “superman” (actually the forever youngArchie) enters the picture. The character is kind opposite to Superman and a champion for the everydayman. It was expected that the company would soon be focusing on Archie and other teen characters, even renaming the once-MLJ Comics brand to Archie Comics. Chan: Let’s go behind the scenes. What is the role of each department to aid in telling the story of Archie comics? Rotante: The creators who run Archie Comics really run the publication business as an efficient machine. The Archie Comics team is small, but a committed group who work in all of their titles.

We can all learn from one another.

It is evident that comic books as well as pulp novels have a rich and long history. The comics are entertaining and have featured many great authors. These characters have been major influences on the development of superheroes.



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