The implications of Russian aircraft firing a missile near a British plane over the Black Sea.


Following the incident in which two Russian fighter aircrafts flew in danger near to an aircraft within the UK The UK has suspended its military patrols over the Black Sea. The incident took place on September 29th, according to the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. Russia acknowledged the incident took place in the international airspace. Two Russian-armed SU-27 fighter planes “shadowed” an RAF RC-135 aircraft, which flew regularly over the Black Sea. Wallace told parliament that Britain has halted all patrols following the incident. The British also voiced their concern with Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister. The exchange between the Russian aircraft and Rivet Joint took about 90 minutes.

A Short Summary

The M. Wallace described the incident as a “potentially dangerous engagement” however, it was not thought to be a deliberate attempt at escalate.



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