The importance of portion control for your pet


As Susan the one-year-old cocker spaniel lost her appetite and her proprietor, Will Pool, became concerned. Susan refused to play, and could not leap around. Susan underwent an emergency operation to take out the stick as well as part of her stomach, then started a course of antibiotics for the stomach infection. Will be grateful Susan is making her way to recovery. Will encourages all pet owners to pay attention in the event that their pet is playing outdoors. Do not hesitate to contact the vet in the event that your pet has taken something that they shouldn’t.

1. Was Susan’s family member worried about her declining appetite and wouldn’t play?

Susan’s owner was concerned because they observed that Susan was not eating. They could lose their appetite for many reasons, from digestive disorders to medical conditions. For Susan’s case, it was determined that she suffered from anorexia. It is a condition that can be quite serious, especially in young puppies. Thankfully, the owner brought her to the vet , and Susan is recuperating.

2. What caused Susan’s health concerns?

Vets were shocked to learn that”anorexic puppies” actually had a large stomach, and it wasn’t food. Do you think Susan experiencing health issues? It is likely that Susan was having an infection. It is possible that she had an infection in her intestines which caused her weight loss and anorexia. The stomach of the patient was empty, shocking the vets. But it wasn’t food. It is possible that the disease caused her to be bloated which is exactly what the veterinarians observed.

3. What was the response of the vet to Susan’s needy situation?

Susan’s emergency circumstance by stabilizing her then performing surgery to remove the foreign object that was lodged in her stomach.

Quick Summary

Although it’s unlikely to be something you’d want to think about It’s crucial to be aware of the dangers that can come from the dog ingesting something that they shouldn’t. Like Will Pool’s story the dangers can range from bad to worse rapidly. If your dog is showing symptoms of discomfort is important to bring your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible to have a medical check-up. Keep your dog’s mouth and throat free of any bacteria.



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