The reason for the slight unemployment increase in Illinois is unclear.


Why the Illinois jobless rate is decreasing in Illinois?

A decline due to the recession in Illinois the unemployment rate which was triggered due to the downturn, saw it drop to 1 percent by June, down from 3 percent in May. Other economic factors also play into the reduction on the Illinois unemployment rate. As an example, the strength of the economy is helping to maintain a low rate of joblessness.

What do you think of the Illinois Unemployment Rate in Illinois.

The Illinois Unemployment Rate is 1 percent.

What are your State of Illinois Unemployment Rates.

Illinois’ unemployment rate is lower than the rest of the country. The rate of unemployment in Illinois was 1 percent as of June 2018 compared with 3 percent May 2018.


Recession and economic strength and other factors are all playing a role in the decrease in Illinois the rate of unemployment. While the rate of unemployment in Illinois is less than the rest of the country, it is significantly higher than an average. This implies that there are more individuals in the need of work than is normal.



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