The toll of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.


We’re saddened to announce the loss of 50 soldiers from our forces in Azerbaijan’s biggest conflict since the conflict began two years ago. Yet, we’re happy to learn that Russia has persuaded the long-standing rivals to agree to an immediate cease-fire. This was the most intense fighting since the end of a 20th century war between ex-Soviet republics in the Nagorno-Karabakh region that left more than 6,500 killed on both sides. Nikol Pashinyan said in Parliament that Azerbaijaini forces targeted about fifty-six points, the news agency Interfax said. Our condolences go out to those whose loved ones died in the acts of murder.

1. What was the reason Azerbaijan and Russia accept a cease-fire?

Being aware of the context under which the latest news about Armenia has been reported in is essential. To understand this is to know the history of the area and the tensions between these two countries. Azerbaijan and Armenia are two nations with a history of war. Both are located in the Caucus that has been a location of conflict for a long time. There are various ethnic groups living in the Caucus region including Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Russians and Turks. The conflict with Azerbaijan and Armenia is dated to the early 1900s, when Azerbaijan and Armenia were both an integral part of the Russian Empire. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, both countries declared independence.

2. How many were murdered in the Nagorno-Karabakh war?

The media on Armenia mentions the deaths of 49 soldiers during the attack by Azerbaijan. It’s a large number of casualties, especially given the Nagorno-Karabakh war of 2020 was only 44 days. It was estimated that there were 6,000 casualties on both sides. Majority of these victims included Armenian soldiers, with around four thousand killed. Armenia may struggle to overcome this devastating loss.

Quick Summary

Azerbaijan and Armenia are fighting, marking one of the worst violence incidents since the cease-fire of 1994. This is a major increase in violence. The other regional powers are also in danger from the conflict due to the fact that Turkey backs Azerbaijan while Russia has an agreement on defense with Armenia. The United States has called for an immediate cessation of the violence and has urged the sides to enter into negotiations.



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