The top travel experts’ predictions for the most popular vacation spots this year.


This isn’t always the most convenient places to go to. The experts differ of the best places to visit. Alex and Michael, for instance, had their childhoods in different areas of France. Ala is, on the contrary is from Bali. Also, Claudia hails from Indonesia.

Michael was born in Provence

The French Riviera is full of beautiful places, and Michael was raised in Provence. It’s as if you’re traveling back to 1970s Francewhen people had a slower pace of life. The people are all friendly and go on trips through the countryside. People often associate “Provence” with gorgeous areas, such as the vineyards, stone walls and fields of lavender. Additionally, there are many individuals playing boules. It is an extremely popular sport among people living in the area.

Alex was born in Burgundy

Alex was born in Burgundy (France). After he turned twenty He discovered his passion for winemaking and decided for a move to France so that he could further pursue the passion. After working as a winemaker at Beaune in France, he opened his very first bar. After living in Burgundy for several years, Alex decided to leave the region to move to South Africa. He came across Ben Radford who shared his enthusiasm for Burgundy and agreed to join him.

Ala grew up in Bali

Ala’s family moved to Bali at the age of five, and she grew up in a quiet, rural location in the islands. The love affair she developed with the beauty of Bali when she got older. She had a strong connection with nature that she believes was the reason for her passion for yoga. The island was briefly occupied by the Japanese in World War II, and the Dutch were involved in fighting Indonesian revolutionaries in the battle of Marga. After the war, the island joined Indonesia’s Republic of Indonesia. In 2002, a terrorist attack on Bali resulted in the death of over 200 However, today, Bali is one of the most eco-friendly places to visit.

Claudia has a family in Indonesia

Claudia was born in Indonesia where her father was an entrepreneur. She went to Sekolah Pelita in Harapan. She later received her degree from the University of California, Berkeley with an undergraduate degree. Later, she chose to pursue an MBA through Harvard Business School. Claudia is a fan of writing as well as the financial markets. Claudia is a lover of travel as well as her corgis.

Marisol is an expert in multi-country travel itinerary

Marisol Aracari, a top travel consultant, has a specialization on multicountry itineraries. Since 1996, she’s made custom tours to Peru as well as Bolivia. Her knowledge of the area has allowed her to have an unrivalled access to Peru’s most stunning regions.

Antonia Neubauer is the director of a non-profit organisation that builds libraries in villages all over Asia.

READ Global is a nonprofit organisation that creates libraries within rural communities across Asia. Its headquarters are at Washington DC, but it began in Nepal over 20 years ago when the simple words of local guides: “We would like a library within our community.” Neubauer sees a village with ease of access to the written Word as well as opportunities to be self-educated and achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Eric has a specialization in multi-country itineraries.

While studying abroad, Eric spent ten weeks in Tanzania. For the first 6 weeks, they were filled with travel around the country including places like Zanzibar and the Serengeti and Zanzibar. The remaining four weeks were focused on internships in line with his chosen field of study. Eric was the only member from his cohort to study in civil engineering. So it was his final four weeks with a construction specialist in Longido which is a tiny town located on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.



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