These Are The Stunning Winners Of Life Framer’s World Traveler Photography Awards


The best travel photos are those that tell stories. They are often inspiring and informative. These photographs include some of the most stunning scenery in the world. These photos reveal the truth behind the stunning landscapes. Here are some examples from the top winners of Life Framer’s World Traveler Photography Awards.

Yasmin Mund

Yasmin Mund Yasmin Mund, an Australian winner of awards for her photography is. She is continually inspired by the beauty of everyday life and her photographs may be customized or purchased. To bring out her subject matter, she works with the principles of line, colour and contrast. Her art has been shown and sold around the world.

Yasmin utilizes bold colour and form in her work. She also works using strong geometric symmetry. Her master’s degree was in visual communication.


Life Framer’s World Traveler Photography awards celebrate some of the top travel photography. The contest recognizes the efforts by a wide range of photographers from all over the world. The winners are selected from a wide range of subject matter, from abstract images of the sand and tides of Scotland’s Hebrides and intimate portraits of different cultures from around the globe, and more.

The contest is open for photographers of every level, and all genres, and it has categories for both professional photographers and amateurs. These awards are a touring exhibition, and winners receive large cash awards. Life Framer competitions are $20 per entry and will be judged only by industry professionals and icons. Contestants can submit up to 10 images. Life Framer also offers detailed feedback on each image.



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