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Kelsey Shaw, a -year-old mom of three, is preserving food on her -acre farm since the family relocated to Crown Point, Indiana in September . Shaw has the ability to store enough food to meet her family’s needs for the next eight month. Shaw discovered how preserve anything from stews to pickles with methods like dehydration and water-canning. Shaw takes three months to preserve food.

Shaw began preserving food to ensure her family could eat homegrown foods all year long, but it also means she’s prepared in case of natural disaster or pandemic which could create a problem within your supply chain. Shaw is a photographer as well as a the mom of a stay-at-home child. I have learned to store food and keep it in the fridge so that we can have healthy food throughout the year.

Preserving food in the kitchen is an activity I enjoy. It’s a passion that is driving me nuts. It takes however lots of time. I easily spend two hours a day tending the landscape, and the preservation process can last for days taking into account every stage. However, it’s a talent I’m extremely proud to have learned. My pantry is always full with enough preserved food to last us two meals a for a day, from October through May. It has saved us a great deal of time in the pandemic.

After moving into Crown Point, Indiana with Nathanial Shaw and my three children, my family and I began to learn the practice of preservation. I first learned from the books I read and online videos in the art of making pickles. But I nowadays, I try to preserve anything that I can. The farm is a source of fresh fruit and veggies, as well as chickens and milk goats which we then eat. Thus, I keep whole meals and prepare beef stew in jars which I save to use later.

To keep my food fresh I keep the pressure cooker at hand. It can be extremely useful for days when you are overwhelmed or simply don’t have enough time to cook meals. The tomatoes I keep are preserved with a myriad of methods – like tomato sauce and cut tomatoes that I have in my cupboard – as well as I strive to use all of them, even the skins. I dry the skins in order in order to create a powder that can be used in meals. It allows me to keep an eye on everything I own so that it doesn’t go bad.

“I focus on one thing at a time,” she said. “So, one day I’ll pick the entire pepper and preserve the peppers. Then, I’ll pick the tomatoes. I can be more efficient and productive by utilizing my time. Shaw keeps her pantry stocked full of items that she cannot grow such as pasta, flour , and rice. “We’re just a few minutes away from the nearest supermarket that’s why I visit twice a week to stock up on those kinds of things,” she said. “We tend to eat the freshest food we can . We also eat eggs from our chickens as breakfast. Our goal is to reduce garbage, which is why food scraps go to chickens or used in compost.

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It is clear that pressure canning food is a great way to store it in the future for application. It can be time saving and lets you make usage of every inch of food items, including the skin. Dehydrating the skin into powder is an excellent option to provide extra nutrients to your meals. A list of all the things is in your pantry will allow you make the most of your food prior to it going bad.



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