What Andrew Lustgarten’s legacy will be at MSG Sports


Andrew Lustgarten Will Step Down Jan. 1st.

It is expected that the resignation of MSG Sports President and CEO Andrew Lustgarten will happen on the 1st of January. The motive behind the resignation is unknown, but the likelihood is that Lustgarten has suffered from issues with his health. MSG Sports is still not certain what will happen now that Lustgarten is stepping down. There isn’t yet any clarity on which plans will be put in place for the organization and its athletes.

MSG Sports Future.

Andrew Lustgarten will be stepping down as president and CEO of MSG Sports on January 1st 2018, 2018. He’s served in that position since the year 2016. In his time at MSG Sports, he has led the company through its infancy as a minor league baseball team into becoming one of top sports leagues in the world. As the CEO and president of MSG Sports, Lustgarten has helped make MSG Sports one of the most profitable sports leagues around the world.

What will MSG Sports evolve in the time to come?

While there’s no definitive answer, it’s likely Andrew Lustgarten will continue to develop MSG Sports and grow the company’s revenue. Also, given his extensive tenure as a part of MSG Sports, it is probable that he’ll continue exploring new ideas in the business, such as creating one of the top soccer teams and expanding its presence internationally.

Andrew Lustgarten’s Legacy.

Lustgarten was a pivotal figure in the development of MSG Sports. He served as the organization’s President and CEO from 2001 to 2006, and he helped shape the company’s direction and strategy. In his time at MSG, Lustgarten helped create the sports channel which was successful, which generated more than $1 billion in revenue, and helped lead the team to two championships in the conference. MSG Sports also credits Lustgarten as the man who created the marketing campaign that has led to its current success.

What kind of legacy will Andrew Lustgarten leave behind

The legacy of Lustgarten at MSG Sports will be remembered for his contribution to the business as a mentor and player, as well in his involvement with branding and marketing. His contributions to the MSG’s successes as a channel for sports has been acknowledged, along the work he did on marketing campaigns that helped it reach its current status.


Andrew Lustgarten will be retiring 1 January 2010 Andrew Lustgarten will be retiring. MSG Sports will feel the consequences of this because Lustgarten was in the position as president and CEO for more than 10 years. It’s not clear what goals he has for the company and it’s likely that he’ll be focusing more on his other business ventures. Though it’s a bit sad see him go the legacy he left is remembered fondly by many. Thank you for reading.



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