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A man is granted just one year to survive after the use of sunbeds turned into an addiction and caused him to develop skin cancer. It’s a sad story that serves as a reminding of the importance of maintaining your skin. Skin cancer is a major cause of death. that is referred to as melanoma the most fatal form, is up by nearly twofold in the UK since the early 1990s. It is due in large part to the increased utilization of sunbeds. This process can be addictive as many do not realize the severity of skin damaged. Skin cancer is a serious cancer that can lead to death. If you’re sunbathing, you should stop now and take proper charge of your face.

1. Why did sunbeds become an addictive habit for this man?

As per the report, I had just one year remaining in my own life. What caused the use of sunbeds to become the subject of this addiction? Sunbeds turned into an addiction when they became a frequent source of use and relied on them to improve his appearance. Sunbeds made him feel good about himself, and they gave him self-confidence.

2. What can you do to avoid the skin cancers caused by melanoma?

There are a variety of risks associated with skin cancer melanoma. The most significant is that it can be a fatal kind of cancer. If not properly treated it is able to spread quickly and spread to other areas of the body, leading to a potentially fatal outcome. Furthermore, skin cancers such as melanoma can be difficult to cure effectively. Even after treatment, the cancer can often come back. Finally, melanoma skin cancer is often disfiguring. It could cause skin to look and color change and may lead to the growth of tumors.

A Brief Summary

There is no doubt that sunbeds are extremely risky and cause devastating harm. The addiction to sunbeds can cause serious health problems. Jak Howell’s experience is an alarm that all of us need to be aware of.



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