What You Can Do to Support Those Affected by Child Cancer in SunLive


Seven Marathons Run in 7 days: A World Record Achieved by a man who stepped on the bottom of a mine in Afghanistan We’re amazed by the amazing accomplishment of British soldier, Phil Harpur, who just broke the record for the most distance in history by running seven marathons across seven continents within seven days for the third time. Harpur began his journey in Antarctica and then traveled to Cape Town, Perth Dubai, Madrid (Madrid), Fortaleza, Brazil and Miami after which he returned at County Durham. Harpur did not just complete seven marathons within a single week in a row, but 5 of them were ultramarathons , ranging between 50km (31 miles) in length.

1. What was the inspiration for this run?

It is not surprising that running has been component of our lives from the very beginning. Since 2004 this runner who has chosen to remain anonymous was running to support the Child Cancer Appeal, a charitable foundation that offers help and assistance to children who have been diagnosed with cancer. What sparked this extraordinary race is the runner’s wish of giving back to his community and make a difference in the lives of children that are affected by childhood cancer. In their own words, the participant “wants to raise awareness and funds for the Child Cancer Appeal and to let people know that it’s possible to be a change.

2. What was his contribution towards the Child Cancer Foundation through running?

The latest news report from SunLive — Volunteers Urgently Sought for Child Cancer Appeal – The Bay’s News First, 2, highlights the importance of community involvement in the Child Cancer Foundation. The report focuses on the initiatives of a residents of the local Bay of Plenty resident, Steven Pryce, who recently took on a 10 day running challenge in an effort to raise money to support the Foundation. His effort, which involved the runner run over 1000 miles, was an excellent demonstration of effectiveness of individual actions to make a difference. The money he earned will be used to support the mission of the Child Cancer Foundation of providing vital financial and emotional support to the families and children affected by cancer.

3. How many volunteers do the Child Cancer Foundation need for its street-wide appeal that takes place every year in March?

Children’s Cancer Foundation’s march street appeal is an important fundraiser. They are looking for volunteers to help make it an event that is successful. According to Bay’s News First, the Child Cancer Foundation is in urgent need of an unspecified number of volunteers. The mission of the Foundation to offer help and support to children and families affected by cancer are largely dependent upon this campaign. In order to ensure that the event is successful volunteers should be actively involved in the fundraising process and offer assistance with logistics. The Foundation can benefit by the effort of volunteers to help raise essential funds as well as raise the public’s awareness.

4. What are the activities that volunteers can take part in at the street appeal?

Participants who sign up to take part in The Child Cancer Appeal taking place in The Bay’s News First have the opportunity to be involved in various activities. Volunteers can engage with local communities and engage in discussions about the appeal. They can also collect donations. They’ll be expected to keep track of the donations and also help to set up the appeal and control the audience. Additionally, they will be accountable for interacting with local media outlets, in order to promote the appeal and gain greater support from local residents.

Quick Summary

To conclude, the Te Puke community came in celebration today of The 117th Te Puke Lifestyle Show. Due to Air New Zealand cancelling domestic flights in Tauranga as well as Luke Wigman’s inspiring tale of regaining his walking ability after having suffered a Taliban IED attack is a reminder for everyone that we must take care of each other and aid each other as much as we are able to. The Child Cancer Foundation is also in need of volunteers for its annual street appeal in March, reminding us of the collective obligation to aid those who are in need. We should all learn from these instances of resilience and be a part of making an impact on the local community.



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