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The movie received a positive response from the general public. However, some of the more observant viewers noticed something strange regarding Anna’s character. They noticed, for instance, her reluctance frequently before making decisions even the simplest ones. It gave the film an air of calm and was enjoyable to watch. Minko Lambov’s music accentuated the romantic feel of the movie, and helped to create an overall emotional atmosphere. It was among many reasons that the movie was so successful.

1. What made Anna delay before taking her choice?

Anna is a young woman who is trying to figure out how her life is going to look to be in the near future. Anna is still unsure if she’ll continue working in film or pursue another profession. Anna has a long history in the film industry and has had success over many years. However, she’s not certain whether this career continues. Anna is considering other alternatives, and is trying to figure out what is best for her.

2. Did Teodora Marcova Nevena Guranova or Georgi Ivanov do to give an empathetic tone to the script?

Teodora Markova, Nevena Goranova, and Georgi Ivanov added a soft tone to the script by the way they chose expressions and words. Simple, brief sentences was able to create a sense peace and comfort. The effect was amplified with the inclusion of positive words and phrases such as “love”, “hope” and “goodbye”. It was easy to comprehend and read, while maintaining a positive tone.

Quick Summary

We’re delighted that the film will be featured as the principal competition in the Golden Rose Film Festival. It is also important to note that the film shoots in the city of Varna in the city in which the festival takes place it makes the occasion more special for us.



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