What other organs or body parts scientists have found preserved from this time period


In a recent study, scientists have discovered that species of fish existed for 400 million years is remarkably similar to sharks in the present – their heart chambers are situated in their throats! This is an astonishing discovery as it gives insight into how the heart’s structure has changed over the years. Even more remarkable is the fact that researchers could find fossils of these fish , preserved in 3D. This allowed them to look at the human heart with great detail. The studies will be crucial for not only understanding the evolution and variation of the other organs through time however, it is also important to know how they have changed. They may also provide insight about how we could improve our protection of our heart from diseases.

A Brief Summary

In conclusion, the study of the fossilized organ gives fresh insights into our long-distance evolutionary history. This study’s co-author who is also the author, stresses the importance of this research and claims that “we all share a commonality to each other in the truest sense.” These findings could have a profound impact on our understanding of the place we play in the universe.



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