What this means for the future of Latvia


There are many reasons why the general elections in Latvia was fascinating. The first was influenced by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as well as the divisions that resulted from it among Latvia’s vast population of Russian minority. The country saw a significant change away from the pro-Moscow political party which has become so loved by the population. This is a hugely positive move in the direction of Latvia. The election is a sign that Latvians are in favor of the shift away of their Soviet history to an European future. The election also serves as an indicator that Latvians are united in their fight to protect their country’s sovereignity and sovereignty, regardless of the Russia’s pressures.

1. Are there any reasons behind the recent popularity of centralist Latvian parties in parliamentary elections?

The most recent Latvian parliamentary election saw a victory in favor of the Unity party led by Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma. The victory came despite a strong challenge from the right-leaning National Alliance who had led in the polls prior to the elections. The popularity of the centrist party in Latvia is due to many reasons. The first is that the economy of Latvia is flourishing, expanding by around 4percent per year during the year 2015. It is more likely that people will vote for the government currently in place. Another reason is that National Alliance National Alliance has been involved in a number of scandals during recent years that have damaged their image.

2. What effect did the Russian conflict with Ukraine as well as the tensions in Latvia’s Russian-speaking minority, have an impact on the results of elections?

The political party of Laimdota Strujuma, Latvia’s current premier, came out with the top spot in the most recently held general election. The results of the election were influenced by the Russian conflict in Ukraine as well as the divides between the Latvian ethnic Russian minority. The Russian invasion of Ukraine led to tensions rising between Russia and the Western nations, that had a negative impact on Latvia. To defend their country from Russia and the West, there increased Latvian citizens believing that Latvia should be more connected to NATO as well as the West. The increased popularity was due to Straujuma Parties, which are in favor of closer ties with NATO and the West.

A Short Summary

The results of Latvia’s elections show there’s a divide within the country over what to do about Russia. The ruling party has taken an aggressive stance towards Russia’s opposition, the pro-Moscow party fell in the polls. Latvia’s post-Soviet image is in danger.



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