What to expect from the Arsenal vs Aston Villa game


After a 2-1 win over Aston Villa, Arsenal remain on top of the Premier League table. Mesut Ozil, Saliba And Jesus were each outstanding as Arsenal were unbeaten. The following are the highlights of the game, and some of the lessons we could learn from them. Continue reading to learn more about Arsenal against Aston Villa.

Arsenal remain top of the Premier League table with a 1-1 win against Aston Villa

Arsenal triumphed in the Emirates Stadium, putting them ahead of their competition in the Premier League with victory over Aston Villa. Arsenal won the match in all aspects and outperformed their opponents on every aspect. Arsenal maintained possession, and they recorded two goals. Also, they had nine attempts on goal. Gabriel Jesus scored the opening goal. Then, Douglas Luiz made it even after a free kick. After the break, Arsenal reacted with a second goal , and they won the game with a 2-1.

Arsenal remained at the top of the Premier League with a 2-1 victory against Aston Villa. Arsenal scored twice in the first half, with Gabriel Jesus netting the first after which Gabriel Martinelli struck the winner in the 77th minute. Aston Villa failed to react and Steven Gerrard suffered the third time in a row of defeats. This result increases the tension on Steven Gerrard’s side.

Mesut Ozil’s efforts in Arsenal against Aston Villa

Mesut Ozil’s performances in the 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa was a disappointing one. He usually starts at the left of the wing. But, in the case of Aston Villa, he began on the left side, which is broad. This was a unique shift for Ozil, who often starts at the same place with Santi Cazorla.

The German winger’s performance has been in doubt over the last half of last year, however the quality of his playing has significantly improved after the time of his PS42million switch in the summer of 2007 from Real Madrid. Although his performances are not as good as we would expect, they still represent an impressive achievement. Arsene Younger has asked his followers to keep him in their support as the player adjusts the Premier League football’s speed and the intensity.

Saliba’s magnificent performance Arsenal Vs Aston Villa

Saliba’s flawless performance during Wednesday’s Arsenal vs Aston Villa fixture was a excellent example of what a defender can do. The young man can defend teammates, interceptions, as well as tackles to stop teams from going behind. While he’s not a brand new player, he has made his way into the Arsenal team well.

Arsenal are in control of 60% of possession and Villa possess just four shots. The equalizer was scored by Villa in the 74th minutes, however the defenders of Villa appear to be somewhat vulnerable. Arsenal were able to respond, however Martinelli struck again for the second time to score, this time tucking in Bukayo Saka’s ball. Martinelli scored 2-0 shortly after Martinelli’s strike. His quick response time enabled him to add his Brazilian player Jesus in scoring.

Jesus Zinchenko’s and Jesus’s performances during Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Arsenal supporters will be able to watch the match on BT Sport 4, or can stream the match on the BT Sport App or website. You can get a monthly pass for BT Sport at PS25 for a better viewing experience. Peacock Premium will stream the game to those who live in the United States.

After the victory over Fulham, Arsenal will be trying to keep their first place in the Premier League table. They have won four of their five recent Premier League games, and have just lost one of their previous four. Moreover, they have managed to keep clean sheets in two games and that’s an impressive achievement. As such, they will want to continue to build on their impeccable record.

Gerrard’s attitude towards the manager

Gerrard’s stance towards Aston Villa’s management is in doubt. But what is the players’ feelings? Gerrard, the ex- Liverpool captain has assumed the managerial role at Premier League side Aston Villa. Since he was a Liverpool captain, he holds an extremely high standard and has started his first season at the club with a positive start. However, he is having trouble getting his players to uphold those standard. Gerrard’s squad isn’t keen to perform under his guidance. They were only able to beat two times last season and finished seventeenth overall in league.

Already, the form of the team has been changed by the conflict between Gerrards and the new manager. The players, previously happy with their salaries as well as sell-out crowds for Villa Park, are not content with the increased expectations of the manager who is new. To be successful and improve it is imperative that the players show determination and perseverance. The team must get off to first-rate performances in the League in order to return to success.



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