Who Is Tinubu? Why The North Wants Him To Be President


The Tinubu Campaign in North Korea. Tape.

The Tinubu Tape Campaign is a campaign in North Korea to promote social improvement through audio tapes. The campaign began in early 2009 and has been ongoing.The major goal of Tinubu Tape Campaign is to challenge North Korea’s dictatorship as well as to advocate for human rights.The possibilities for it to be a positive force in the Tinubu Tape Campaign is that it might help spur social and political change in North Korea. Individuals have also experienced the possibility of using the campaign to express their opinions freely. This could encourage more conversations between the state and society.

How to Participate with the Tinubu Tape Campaign.

There are certain things you should do if you are interested in participating in the Tinubu Tape Campaign. To begin, learn more about the campaign. There are many ways to be involved and we’ve created a comprehensive guide that can help you get to the point of starting. second, join the campaign! Now, this is where the challenge begins. When you’ve officially joined an initiative, it may be difficult to go back. For more details on how to join, you might discover our guides useful.

How can you get involved in with Tinubu Tape Campaign

There are many avenues to take part once you’ve joined in the cause. Place posters and flyers on your area. Also, make a splash on social media (via Twitter, LinkedIn or other platforms) you can also write your own articles and blog postings. If you’re able take a moment and like to volunteer, this is a good opportunity to carry signs through the town or conducting a the canvassing.

What you can do to be involved in this campaign is to join the Tinubu Tape Campaign

If you are seeking to join us to help make a difference and become more involved, you have three options to contact us via email (we are very grateful to all of our participants!) ), writing one of our pieces(), or even joining one of our Standing committees!

Strategies for Participation as a participant in Participation in Tinubu Tape Campaign.

In the beginning of an Tinubu Tape Campaign, it’s important to prepare to handle the reaction of media. You must have the most concise and precise message that you can easily publish on social media or with your friends. Take your time and only share the information necessary.

Be patient

Be careful not to get bogged down in the process of creating the tapes or making an overly dramatic spectacle of little. Allow the Tinubu tape campaign to be simmering for a while and then gradually increase the level of public attention to the extent necessary.The primary thing is to stay in a state of calm. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the event It’s best to take each step by itself.

Make sure you are organized

It is important to be able to move ahead with confidence and stay clear of unexpected surprises. You won’t need to make a mistake or trigger conflict.

Pay attention to what you speak

Discussing the Tinubu Tape Campaign publically is an excellent idea. Any kind of discussion could be harmful for our cause. Don’t say anything that might cause friction between the authorities and us. Stay true to the facts!


North Korea’s Tinubu Tape Campaign promotes a more open, free society. The campaign is highly encouraged for everyone to join in and the potential of a large-scale effect is achievable when everyone is able to achieve their goals. There are some things to keep in mind when taking part in the campaign: be ready for the public reaction, take your time, and be organized. Take care with what you say as well as remember that patience is your most important asset during this period.



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