Who has the best chance of winning America’s Got Talent?


America’s Got Talent: The Results.

America’s Got Talent received a generally good reception from the viewers. Many voters enjoyed the show’s range and enjoyed it to watch. The judges, for their part was impressed by the quality of the performers who performed through.According the preliminary data from America’s Got Talent, the show scored an average of 2.9 five-star rating on Netflix. Its popularity has increased dramatically since its debut increasing this percentage from the first season, that averaged 2.4 stars out of five. Contestants enjoyed a high level of popularity and viewers rated them extremely during auditions. This is evident from America’s Got Talent’s overwhelming favorable response. Nearly two-thirds of the viewers (64 percent) stated that they were happy with the show and just over a third (35%) found themselves only moderately pleased.While their reactions to the judges varied, the majority of them were pleased with the contestants’ and their performances. They praised the finalist for their ability, determination and dedication to their craft. Some even went so far as to say that America’s Got Talent had “outdone itself” in terms of talent competition.Subsection 2.2 The Judges’ Reaction to America’s Got Talent.The judges of America’s Got Talent were unanimous in their scores for each performance. One judge was not impressed with the stage performances as well as the attire of certain contestants. The jury was unanimous when it came to its verdict: America’s Got Talent is a great show that has been a huge success. Both judges and viewers received overwhelming praise for the show’s American Got Talent. However, there are areas where the show are in need of improvement. There were some viewers who were not happy with the inconsistent performance of contestants that appeared on the show, and some felt that the judges were not impartial. Nevertheless, these criticisms have been comparatively minor in comparison to the positive reception given by America’s Got Talent.


America’s Got Talent: The Results proved to be a huge hit and fans was awestruck! Judges were impressed by their talent and the performances of the contestants. America’s Got Talent has shown that it has a lot of potential and the success of the season is likely to grow.



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