Work underway in Pakistan to ensure EASA lifts ban on PIA as soon as possible


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has made it clear that they’ll increase the rest time requirement to 16 hours on long-range flights. In the past, the airline was required to be operational for 24 hours , including one overnight, the decision was introduced. This month, a crew comprised of Pakistani aviation officials will go to Brussels to report to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency regarding the measures taken to bring PIA to flight operation. According to the director general of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) International aviation safety evaluation (IASA) conducted an October on-line assessment. EASA would then conduct an actual inspection.

1. What are the new resting requirements for airline pilots?

EASA is the European Union Aviation Safety Agency has revealed that they will be going to Pakistan for a review of the progress made in lifting the restriction on Pakistan International Airlines. The regulations are applicable to pilots of airlines: -A minimum 10 hour rest per time period of 24 hours – A minimum 72 hours of rest each 7 days period –A minimum of 168 hours rest during any duration of 28 days. EASA declared that the new regulations were in line with international norms. The agency will cooperate with PIA in order for the airline to be in compliance with these standards.

2. Why is a team consisting of Pakistani officials from the aviation industry going to Brussels?

A team of international Pakistani officials will be visiting Brussels to meet with officials from the European Aviation Safety Agency. This meeting will discuss steps made by Pakistan to lift its ban on Pakistan International Airlines. This could be a major victory for Pakistan because the EASA is one of the most reputable aviation safety agencies.

A Short Summary

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