“I was fired because I spoke out against Elon Musk”: Ex-Twitter employee speaks out


We’d like you to extend our best wishes and a polite and professional thank you to all who have visited our new blog post focus on the latest developments concerning the recent change to the ownership of Twitter and the mass cuts that followed. This is a difficult time for all those in the affected group by the shifts. We hope that we will be able to help you comprehend and help you understand. It is important to be clear that everyone who has been dismissed from Twitter will be given their complete payout of severance as stipulated by the law. Everyone who is laid off from Twitter will receive three months of severance. This is 50percent more than the legal requirement.

1. Why did Twitter lay off the majority of its employees?

Financial problems at Twitter was the major reason behind the massive job cuts. Twitter has always lost money since its public listing in 2013and, in 2016 the company reported its first profit in a quarter. Twitter has lost $167 million since its first quarter 2017. The company implemented a number of changes to cut costs. For instance, it cut down its staff.

2. How did the Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, handle this situation?

It is interesting to see the reactions of Twitter’s brand new proprietor, Elon Musk, to reports of employees being sacked. He does not take the news in a positive way and is vowing that he will take Twitter to the courts. It is understandable given the importance of Twitter as well as the risk of negative publicity. But, it’s important to note that Musk is known for his brash and sometimes unpredictable behavior. This can be damaging to the reputation of the company.

3. What number of jobs were created through the reductions in employment

It is estimated that approximately 350 jobs were created in the wake of layoffs at Twitter. This is an effect of the growing usage of the site following the announcement made by Elon Musk that he would likely be using the platform more often. The company has seen increased efficiency and creativity due to the layoffs. People are more committed in developing new features for the platform. All of this has led to a better user experience, and is expected to result in even higher numbers of users.

4. Was the reaction of Trade unions and the politicians on the elimination of workers?

Mixed reactions were received by members of the trade union and political parties about the cuts. A few politicians were critical of the layoffs by calling them “heartless and cold-blooded.” The trade unions also supported the layoffs and claimed that it would reduce company costs.

A Quick Review

The layoffs that have been announced at Twitter are a contentious topic, with many people disputing whether they were needed or legal. Most of the employees who were affected by the cutbacks are set to be compensated for their work until the 4th of January. This is great news for those who are affected by the layoffs, and hopefully it can make the transition easier for them as they look for new employment.



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