A must-see movie for horror fans this Christmas: watch Black Christmas on Hulu


The majority of movies that would never have been seen are now able to reach audiences through streaming services. Hulu has been the home of some the top films on the market which include new releases as well as classics from the past, along with a wide variety of genres set to premiere in the course of the month.

When we move to the terrifying and dark Halloween time to the joyful atmosphere of Christmas, some fans may feel that the change is too abrupt. Black Christmas offers a nice alternative, with a great horror film plotline set in the evening of Christmas Eve. Related: The Best Slasher Movie Franchises that are rated by IMDb The remake of the influential slasher classic, Black Christmas is a horror film about an escapee killer that hides inside an sorority residence on Christmas Eve, picking from the girls who reside in the house.

While he is best known for his humor and comedy Adam Sandler was a great actor in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love. This movie was a major breakthrough for Sandler’s casting. Sandler performed the role of a lonely and sad businessman who is entangled in an unexpected love affair with his sister’s partner. It’s a unique romantic comedy that has an amazing romance at its heart. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a short but funny role alongside Sandler.

Office Space can be described as a timeless comedy which has quickly become an instant favorite. It’s a tale of a miserable man stuck in an unsatisfactory office job. He finds new life after he gives up giving up. Office Space is a comedy of office life which is well-received because of its many funny lines and amazing scenes.

Movies of the S: Say Anything (is one of the most beloved s rom-coms which fans will love. Ione Skye plays the role of a valedictorian with the promise of a bright future, but starts to fall in affection with John Cusack (an underachiever). This is just the first summer she is graduating. The movie beautifully captures emotions of growing up, as well as the rising-of-age tension. John Mahoney, Skye’s dad, is also a great actor. The movie is also romantic and makes viewers smile.

Robert Rodriguez’s film debut directed by Rodriguez was made using El Mariachi in. This obscure film became mainstream and launched the trilogy of action-packed films. Once Upon a Time in Mexico completes the trilogy with the most famous of characters. Antonio Banderas returns as the firearm-wielding guitarist who is in search of revenge. Banderas is joined by a wonderful ensemble comprising Willem Dafoe, Eva Mendes as well as Johnny Depp as an eccentric CIA agent. Tootsie is available to fans who want to watch. Dustin Hoffman plays the role of a struggling actor, who dresses as a woman to gain an interview on a daily soap.


As a conclusion, Say Anything is a classic film that audiences are sure to love. Ione Skye plays the role of a valedictorian with a bright future and is beginning to fall in love with John Cusack (an underachiever). It’s just one summer after she has graduated. The film captures the teen anger well, as well as the humor and sadness of young love. John Mahoney, Skye’s dad and a fantastic actor. The film is also a love film with a perfect ending scenes and leaves viewers in awe of their faces.



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