The impact of cancer on those under 50 and their families.


The ticking of the clock is a cancer bomb.

A abnormal cell division is the reason for cancer in addition to other deadly diseases. It can occur in all parts of the body but it is more common on the bones or skin. In certain cases, cancer could spread to other parts of the body.

What is the process by which cancer can develop

Cancer develops when a abnormal cell division happens in the skin or bone. Thedivision can be caused by anything from sun exposure to smoking cigarettes.

What is the best way to stop cancer?

There are many things you can take to avoid cancer.

-Avoid sun exposure

Make sure you eat healthful foods

-Get enough exercise

Smoking cessation

The most common cause of death is cancer. of deaths.

People who are older are more likely to contract cancer. People who have been diagnosed with cancer might experience many symptoms. The most common symptoms of cancer are:-Gastrointestinal cancer: This is the most common type of cancer, and can cause pain in the stomach area. The symptoms can include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of weight. loss.-Laryngeal cancer: The laryngeal tumor is the most serious kind of cancer which is affecting the voice. It could cause difficulties eating or speaking. Changes in the breastShape or size can be indicators. Breast cancers in the early stages (that do not pose any danger yet) may also create a lump on your chest.

Cancer is a major problem.

An illness of serious nature that can be fatal is cancer. The growth of abnormal cells in your body can cause cancer. The abnormal cells can develop from cells present in the body. They can be born from cancer that has developed inside your brain, or any other parts of your body. There are various types of cancer, each with distinct symptoms and treatments.

What are the causes of cancer

The causes of cancer depend on how the cancer started such as whether it’s caused by radiation, a virus and chemicals or surgery. Some cancers are more common as compared to other types, and some people don’t have any symptoms for a while until they’ve tumors growing inside their body.

How can we prevent cancer?

There are a variety of methods for preventing cancer those who are healthy be cautious when participating in dangerous activities such as drinking or smoking cigarettes while others are taking steps to reduce their exposure to dangerous chemicals and radiation; some rely on routine screenings to detect cervical and breast cancers (check with your healthcare doctor for further details).


A debilitating illness, cancer may kill in quick time. There are numerous ways to stop cancer from happening, however, it’s essential to follow every measure possible to do so. Through understanding the causes of cancer and knowing how you can treat it, you can help keep your loved ones safe from this deadly disease.



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