The turning point in the game


The Chiefs have proven they’re true champions by getting past the Chargers 27-24 in their early AFC West showdown. The win capped off a strong offensive performance and improved their odds of making it through to the playoffs. This win also represents crucial in alleviating any pressure on Antonio Gates, who has struggled recently.Chiefs Rejoice Past Chargers 27-24 In Early AFC West Showdown.The Chiefs offense were able to control the pace of the game from the beginning in the game, scoring 27 points without a response over the course of the opening period. The Chargers defense were unable to hinder Kansas City’s offensive which enabled them to score touchdowns three times. The Chiefs offensive continued to dominanceby driving 79 yards and scoring touchdowns with play-action passes by Alex Smith to Jamaal Charlie. Kansas City took a lead of 14-3 after halftime thanks to this touchdown.

Chiefs Defense vs Chargers Offense

In the beginning of the match, Kansas City held the Chargers down to 184 yards in 41 minutes. It was the sixth-highest score among the NFL. Then, as the clock wore into the fourth quarter as Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers began turning it over more frequently (4 interceptions over 13 attempts) and the Kansas City defense was struggling to get stops. The Chargers were able to score two touchdowns in the 4th quarter, thanks to their crossing of the midfield as well as the running forward Melvin Gordon being tackled behind his line of scrimmage for five times. Even with all this, KC won the game with a score of 27 points. The Chargers won their third win in a row over San Diego after joining AFC West.

Chiefs Offense vs Chargers Defense.

The Chiefs offense is heavily reliant upon Alex Smith as quarterback and Jamaal Charles running back. The Chiefs offense has proven successful previously, but it will be tested against the Chargers defense during the AFC West Playoff Game. The Chargers are one of the top defenses in the NFL which is why they’ve won the title in each of the past three seasons. The Chargers have been able to not to score against opposing teams and have been able to win many games.

Chiefs Offense at Chargers Defense in the Playoffs

The playoffs will be very physically challenging for teams that face the Chargers. It is a must to expect a lot of physical play. Chiefs offensive line one of the most effective in the NFL with their speed and agility, and their running backs will be tough to beat. Smith’s capacity to throw massive passes gives him advantage over defense. The following section examines the offensive against the Chargers defense. The Chiefs offense is very successful with their attack from the perimeter. They can also score with a variety of offensive passing techniques. The running game of the Chiefs that averages less than 3 yards per run however, isn’t as efficient as it could be. They do however have some advantages in the tight end Tyreek Hill, and tight end Travis Kelce who are able to intercept passing passes downfield.Subsection 3.2 Chiefs Offense vs Chargers Defense in Playoffs.In the playoffs it was noted that the Chiefs Offense against the Chargers Defense was judged to other teams’ offenses as well as defenses. This section compares each team’s offenses against the defense of the other team to figure out what is most suitable for their particular situation. This will determine who wins or loses a game or playoff match-up.


The most important matchup in the AFC West is the Chiefs offensive line against their Chargers Defense during the Regular Season. The season’s Chiefs defense was impressive as they held teams to 18 points per game , and being second in league yardage permitted. Their offense ranks third for league points , and ranks fourth for yards gained. Both teams want to win at conference play.



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