What we’ll miss most about Serena Williams after she retires from the US Open


What exactly Serena Williams did to earn her spot on Sportsworld.

Serena Williams was a professional tennis player before becoming Serena Williams in 2001. at the age of fourteen, she began her tennis career and became a champion just before sixteen years old. After that, she would go on to claim 2 WTA Championships and three Grand Slam titles. Serena Williams was the first female to earn an ATP title as a man in 2017. Serena Williams was also a champion at Wimbledon (2007) and UCL (2013) as well as a semi-finalist for the US Open (2015). Serena Williams has worked hard throughout her career in order to attain the level of greatness. While playing professionally Serena Williams gone on many trips, and has developed different strategies and techniques. She is also an avid participant in physical activities and spending time outdoors in both her personal life and career.How Serena Williams Uses Her Talent to Change the World.Serena Williams has always been a fan for tennis. At the age of young when her parents took her to a tennis tournament, and she was captivated with the sport. Serena Williams has been playing tennis for the entirety of her life. Serena Williams began playing in amateur tournaments when she was 12 years old. She has been a top professional athlete. Her constant advocacy is against racism and sexism, and assists in spreading awareness of crucial issues through her performances on various occasions around the world. She also makes use of her platform to encourage others through sharing her personal experiences and advice on ways to achieve their goals.The power of passion is one thing that Serena Williams knows all too well. She has used her own interests both professionally and in her personal life to aid those around her, and it is evident in all she is involved in. Thank you for your time!

Serena Williams uses her passion to change lives.

Serena Williams has a passion in tennis that has resulted in becoming the ultimate champion of females and girls in the sport. Through her charitable work as a speaker and author she’s helped fight sexual abuse and gender discrimination. Her efforts have also served to create awareness of the significance to young athletes and helped shift the image of tennis as a “male exclusively” sport.In addition to her involvement with children Serena Williams also uses her love of tennis to impact change in the wider society. The fact that she supports feminists like Yvette Butler, as well as the issue of racism have resulted in her speaking out. She was among Time magazine’s top 50 women younger than 50 in the year 2016.

Serena Williams’ passion for helping others is expressed in how she’s able to use it to benefit others.

Williams is known for her commitment to give back to the community she calls home. Williams has held a number of commissions and boards over the course of her professional life. Her current position is serving on the HSA board of directors where she works on their policies regarding animal care. Williams is also a member of several other charity advisory boards, such as Girls Incorporated or Renaissance Women’s Center. Williams was elected as Vice President for HSA in 2015. It makes her an influential voice in HSA’s long history. By working together towards common goals, charities will have an impact on the members of their organization. (Section 3: Serena Williams’ passion for changing the world around the world. Serena Williams’ involvement with charitable organizations has also had a ripple effect in the tennis world. Williams has spoken out on the importance of sport to young athletes as well as worked to alter the perception of tennis as one that is a “male solely” sport. Furthermore, she’s declared her opinion on the discrimination of sexism and racism, the two subjects that are very close to her heart. Serena Williams is a firm fan of the cause and is committed to ensuring in the activities she is passionate about.


Serena Williams, a tennis professional, is an environmentalist, as well as an advocate. Her passion is to inspire and contribute to positive change across the world. The dedication she has to her cause and her need to aid others is the reflection of her distinctive personality. Serena Williams has been a positive role model for girls. She does a great job of promoting herself at and off the court. Thank you for taking the time to read!



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